Windpaddle Sail Cruiser

Cruiser Windpaddle Sail, Blue, up to 30 knts, diameter 142cm Windpaddle sails assist a kayaker when travelling off the wind. They launch and fly whilst on the water as there is no need to return to shore. The Cruiser is for heavier tandems and open canoes. It is 50% larger than the standard Adventurer windpaddle with a wind harness. • 5 to 30 knots • Diameter 142cm when flying 1.6m², • Diameter when coiled 50cm • Weight 0.63kg • Firm perimeter batten • Intermediate to expert • Sail up to 90 degrees off downwind Windpaddle sails do not require modification to the kayak or canoe and are sold in blue. Features:  Connects to existing deck hardware (no drilling, screwing or gluing required)  Lightweight design uses perimeter batten  Large Window  Simple to deploy  Quick to fasten to the boat and launch  Safe, low centre of effort  Quick and easy to put away  Ease of Use Clip the Windpaddle on the kayak to anything from cleats, bungees or handholds on the seat and deploy the sail in a matter of seconds. A steering line allows the paddler to control the sail whilst keeping the paddle in their hands for balance and steering.


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